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Did You Know?

You may qualify for financial assistance for the purchase and installation of a charging station if you have acquired an all-electric or a plug-in hybrid vehicle or an electric motorcycle.

Charging Station Rebate

Have you purchased or leased an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle or an electric motorcycle? You can also take advantage of financial assistance for the purchase and installation of a 240 volt charging station at your home.


Financial assistance is available under the program up to a maximum of $600. More specifically, assistance is granted as two amounts:

  • $350 for the purchase of an eligible charging station;
  • $250 for the installation of the charging station and its power supply infrastructure.

To receive both amounts, the applicant must provide proof that the eligible expenses have been incurred. 

Eligible Charging Stations

To be considered for this program, the station must be

  • Be new
  • Be powered by a 240 volt supply
  • Feature a cable or attachment that connects to the vehicle
  • Be approved by a recognized authority, as required under the Building Act
  • Be installed and connected by a licensed electrician

Eligible Expenses

  • The purchase price of the charging station
  • The costs of the labor and materials needed to install the power infrastructure

Conditions to Be Met

Only one station per eligible vehicle may be financed.

If you are ready to fill out your application form, see the procedure to follow.

If you have more questions about charging stations for home use, please consult the sections on Charging Equipment and charging At Home. You will also find useful information under Frequently Asked Questions.