Transition énergétique Québec

Discover Electric Vehicles

The Roulez vert program of the Government of Québec encourages the acquisition of new and used electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations. Learn more about the amounts of financial assistance that will help get you running on green power!

New vehicle rebate

On the purchase or lease of a new electric vehicle, obtain a rebate of

up to $8,000

Home charging station

On the purchase of a home charging station, obtain a rebate

of $600

Used vehicles rebate

Purchase a used all-electric vehicle and obtain a rebate of

up to $4,000


Eligibility requirements

Charging station at work

Install charging stations for your company or employee vehicles and get a rebate of

up to $5,000

per connector.

Eligibility requirements

Multi-unit building charging station 

Install charging stations for your tenants or yourself and obtain

up to $5,000

per connector.

The financial assistance also applies to the lease of multi-unit building charging stations.

Eligibility requirements