Transition énergétique Québec

Eligible charging stations

To be considered for this program, the station must:

List of eligible charging stations  (July 9, 2019)

The list also available in a XLS file Excel document

To add a model to the list of eligible charging stations

It is prohibited, in Québec, to sell or lease an electrical device that has not been approved.

All the models, brands and charging cables on the list of eligible charging stations are electrical devices certified by one of the accredited approval authorities Ce lien ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre., as required by the Building Act.

If the charging station model that you wish to purchase is not on the current list of eligible charging stations, you must check to make sure it is a certified product. You may ask the device manufacturer or your electrician for help if necessary. Please send us the model certification number with your request.

Charging station manufacturers or distributors that wish to add a new model to the list must email a description of the charging station along with the certification number allocated by the accredited approval authority to