Transition énergétique Québec

Procedure to follow

A single application may be filed for the acquisition and installation of one or more charging stations.

For more information on the procedure, consult the Detailed Applicant's Guide PDF (French version only).


Step 1 – Plan to acquire and install a charging station

If you intend to install one or more charging stations in the parking area(s) of a multi-unit residential building, you must first obtain a cost estimate of the work, supported by quotes from the various suppliers involved.

Step 2 – Apply for preapproval

It is strongly recommended that you file a preapproval application to ensure that your project complies with the program criteria. Please fill in the form:

If the charging station(s) have already been installed, do not apply for preapproval. Go directly to Step 5 – File a rebate application.

Step 3: Notice of eligibility

Following the analysis of the preapproval application, TEQ will send, within 15 working days, a written notice of eligibility of the project and the work required to execute it. TEQ may request additional information.

Step 4 – Execute the project

Proceed with the acquisition and installation of all the charging stations approved in the notice of eligibility.

Step 5 – File a rebate application

Once the work is completed, you must officially file the rebate application form.

Step 6 – Processing of the rebate application by TEQ

TEQ will only process rebate applications once the “Rebate application” form is duly completed, signed and accompanied by all the required documents.

It will assess the eligibility of the work and expenses claimed, determine the amount of the rebate based on the various criteria set out in the normative framework and pay the financial assistance by cheque.

Procedure to follow

To obtain additional information

To find out more about the program terms and conditions, consult: