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Multi-unit building charging station rebate

Do you own an electric vehicle or live in a multi-unit residential building?

Do you own a multi-unit residential building and are you planning to install charging stations to enable your tenants to recharge their electric vehicles?

Financial assistance is available for the acquisition, lease and installation of one or more 240 VAC charging stations for multi-unit residential buildings. The rebate may be as much as much as $5,000 per charging station.

Financial assistance

Acquisition and installation

The financial assistance granted for the acquisition and installation of charging stations for multi-unit residential buildings will be the lesser of the following amounts:

Lease and installation of a charging station

The financial assistance for the lease and installation of charging stations for a multi-unit residential building corresponds to:

In all cases, the financial assistance may not exceed:

To receive a lump sum payment for the lease of a charging station, the applicant must provide a lease agreement showing that he or she meets the Program’s other eligibility conditions, notably the obligation to keep the charging station in operation for at least three years.

Maximum amount of financial assistance

When the applicant is an individual who owns a all-electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, a low-speed electric vehicle or an electric motorcycle, only one charging station per applicant per address is eligible for financial assistance.

For other applicants, the maximum amount of financial assistance granted per building per fiscal year is set at:

Number of residential units per building Maximum amount
5 to 9 $10,000
10 to 19 $20,000
20 et + $25,000

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